How do I find my nearest kiln?

Take it to your nearest potter - they always have a kiln. Otherwise google maps I suppose? If all else fails, contact us and we can point you in the right direction!

How long can I leave the kit before I make my creation?

If you're a major procrastinator like me, that's all good my friend! You can wait a heckin long time before getting started and it’ll be fine! Much like a wine, it gets better with age (this isn't strictly true - it just stays the same).

Do I have to get it fired straight after I am finished?

See previous answer.

What type of clay is it?

Who even cares it's just fun! For real though there's details on the instruction card you can provide to the kiln when getting it fired.

Are the tools dishwasher safe?

We assume not but give it a go and let us know!

Do I have to make the mug?

You can make a carafe or a soup spoon if it pleases you!

How many times can you fire clay?

If they don't get it after the first go, sit them down and politely tell them in no less words - you no longer have a job here, please go home. 

If I make something and it dries can I change my mind and make something new?

Absoloodle! As our friend Cardi B says - make sure it’s WAP (wet ass pottery). Then when it’s nice and soft you can reshape it to whatever your heart desires!

Coffee or tea?

It's a margarita for me, but if you're a tea drinker we highly recommend this one! And then you can drink it from your mug, aw a full circle moment :)



If you still have a question, slide into our dms - in our humble opinion we are great friends to have.


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