The perfect selection of piece to keep you grounded and in the present.

This package includes:

Zodiac Print - Dive deeper into your true soul with our custom Zodiac Print

Grounding Incense Sticks - Our Grounding Incense Sticks provide you with a beautiful aroma that will transport you to a peaceful night by the camp fire. 

Peggy Sue Beauty Oil - a luxurious Beauty Oil that is here to help you indulge in daily self-care rituals, providing nourishment and restoration to your skin, hair and nails. 

Tess Guinery The Moon Flower Monologues—A fusion of creativity, prose & poetry; birthed in the shadows (and the light) of the moon. or  The Apricot Memoirs—A fusion of creativity, prose & poetry; birthed within a season of travel + adventure—A surrender from the great for the even greater.

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