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Mindful Jigsaw Puzzle -Her Best Friend

$41.30 $59

Her Best Friend is 400 pieces, custom designed and printed on both sides (very helpful when you hit a tricky bit) and produced with a weight and scale that screams quality. 

No plastic in sight, your pieces come housed in a reusable cotton draw-string bag. When you're done the finished puzzle measures 52cm x 52cm and can be easily framed. Beautifully packaged in a display-worthy cylinder, Her Best Friend looks as good sitting on your shelf as it does completed.

Her Best Friend has been lovingly crafted by Queensland artist Sophie Beer. This digital illustration colourfully reminds us that your BFF can absolutely be your pooch and that time spent in nature with your hairy sidekick is something to be treasured and celebrated.

This isn’t just a jigsaw puzzle. It’s a map to mindfulness. Cast your eyes over the beautiful artwork, give your fingers something tactile to do and rest your buzzing brain.

Only 1 piece in stock!

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