Haus of Wilde

Slow Sunday


We all need more slow days, less time on screens and more memories made creating. 
Perfect for the isolating friend, a rainy day, a birthday or a thinking of you! Less of everything else, more of this please.


This package includes:

Peggy Sue Bath Shots - are the perfect bath time accessory, allowing you to relax and restore while deeply nourishing your skin. Plus we love them because they’re 100% natural and Australian made.

Grounding Incense Sticks - Our Grounding Incense Sticks provide you with a beautiful aroma that will transport you to a peaceful night by the camp fire. 

The Apricot Memoirs — A fusion of creativity, prose & poetry; birthed within a season of travel + adventure. A surrender from the great for the even greater.

Haus of Wilde Tea - Your choice of black, green or white tea.

Pottery Kit, Paint by Numbers or Puzzle:

Pottery Kit - the perfect Sunday activity for two! relax and enjoy getting your hands a bit dirty with a friend or lover, and end up with two hand crafted mugs - does it get any better!

Paint by Numbers - Paint by numbers kits just got cool. Here is one you will actually want to frame when you're done. Great for mindfulness and chill time. And yes, you can still call yourself an artist!

Puzzle - beautiful 1000 piece puzzles that take you away from the screen and into a state of mindfulness. Based on beautiful artists work, you will actually want to frame when you're done.


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