Wellness rituals, how we prioritise our wellbeing.

Sometimes it feels like the world is addicted to being busy. If we stepped back and looked at our lives from the outside, I think here we would realise that we actually aren't busy doing important things. We are busy pushing ourselves to be exceptional mothers, employees, friends, daughters.. It's in these constant periods of busy we easily forget what's actually important. We lose track of time and forget to sit in a moment and really think about what we are focussing on. What's important to your season, are you heading in the direction of that purpose or are you just coasting along….

We believe that small moments of stillness allow for time to reflect, this is how we do it:

  • Sunrise ocean swims
  • A morning coffee
  • Pilates or yoga 
  • 30 minutes of reading when you wake up
  • Soaking in a bath
  • Reflect with a gratitude journal

Our fave wellness products right now:

  • Cle essential oils
  • Peggy Sue - body oil
  • Tess guinery - moonflower and apricot memoirs
  • The unnamed sheet masks