Your ultimate gift guide

…for the woman who have everything

We all know these people, they have everything and when they want something they just go out and buy it for themselves. It usually coincides with a women who is truly impossible to surprise and difficult to buy for. Well well well we know this type all to well and it's the reason HoW started, its for the women who have it all… its for well women like us.

So we have put together the ultimate guide for women who have it all, for the brothers, husbands, boyfriends, friends here is the list you need to save for future brownie points.

She loves the beach:

Turkish Towel

Linen Tote

Picnic Rug

The kind sunscreen

She's sentimental:

Tess guinery books

Star sign custom print

She loves spa days:

Peggy Sue - body oils

Posie candles

The unnamed sheet mask

Peggy Sue lippy

She loves home time:

Bondi Wash

Robert Gordon

Recipes Book